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When Is a Tooth Extraction Necessary?

Maintaining a thorough and effective oral hygiene routine that includes regular dental checkups cannot always prevent the need for a tooth extraction. One common reason for an extraction is an impacted wisdom tooth, which can lead to various infections, overcrowding, and other issues. The experienced dentist at Smyrna Dental Group in Smyrna, TN, performs tooth extractions of problem teeth, including impacted wisdom teeth. The dentist can determine if extraction of your tooth is necessary.

Reasons for Extracting a Tooth

There are many situations that call for the removal of a tooth. One reason for extraction is a severely infected tooth. If the tooth is so infected that it cannot be restored through root canal therapy or another method, then pulling it out is the best option. Extracting the tooth prevents the infection from spreading and infecting the gums or other teeth. Extraction is sometimes also necessary when a tooth is severely damaged or has extensive decay.

Wisdom teeth also commonly need to be extracted. Wisdom teeth that are impacted and do not break through the gums can lead cause infections so removing them is best. Additionally, a wisdom tooth that comes in crooked might also need to be removed as it can damage the surrounding teeth. Even when wisdom teeth fully erupt and come in straight, they can still cause problems. Crowding can occur if there is insufficient room in the mouth, which can lead to bite problems.

Extraction Procedure

The skilled dentist at our office in Smyrna, TN, performs tooth extractions under local or general anesthesia to help patients feel as comfortable as possible during the procedure. Local anesthesia involves numbing the area to minimize pain and discomfort. General anesthesia involves mild sedation to help patients relax.

Once the anesthesia has been administered and the extraction can begin, the gums surrounding the affected tooth will be cut open. A special tool is used to gently loosen the tooth by wiggling it back and forth. When the tooth is loose enough, it is extracted by lifting it out of the gum tissue. For severely impacted teeth, it is sometimes necessary to first break the tooth into smaller pieces to remove it. Once the tooth has been pulled out, the gums are stitched closed.

The extraction site might bleed for a short time following the procedure, but should subside within 24 hours. Only soft foods, such as yogurt or thin soups, should be eaten for the first few days following the extraction. Pain medication and ice packs can be used to reduce discomfort. The gums should be fully healed within two weeks.

Tooth extraction can be necessary for several situations, such as an impacted or crooked wisdom tooth. Schedule an appointment with our knowledgeable dentist to find out if you need a tooth extraction by calling Smyrna Dental Group in Smyrna, TN, at (615) 355-6800.

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