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When Root Canal Treatment Becomes Necessary

Is your toothache trying to tell you that you need root canal treatment? 

We know that hearing that you have to undergo any kind of dental procedure isn’t music to your ears; however, if there is an infected, damaged, or decayed tooth in your mouth, then our Smyrna, TN, dentist Dr. Gurley may recommend root canal treatment to fix the problem.

Here’s what you should understand about this commonly performed dental treatment:

What is a root canal? 

A root canal procedure makes it possible for our Smyrna, TN, family dentist to go inside the tooth and remove the infected or dying dental pulp. You want to preserve a natural tooth whenever possible rather than just replacing it, and in order to do that we will need to perform this simple endodontic procedure. This procedure will remove the source of the infection and prevent the bacteria from spreading further into the tooth.

When is a root canal necessary? 

There are many scenarios in which you may require a root canal. While minor dental decay can be removed and then filled with a special tooth-colored resin, if the decay has spread deep within the tooth, then a filling may not be enough to fully support the tooth. In this case, our dental team will advise you to receive a root canal.

Sometimes, a simple traumatic blow to the tooth is enough to inflame or irritate the dental pulp. Again, once the pulp is damaged, the only option is to remove it. A cracked or broken tooth may also require a root canal if bacteria was able to get inside the tooth through the damaged enamel.

What are the warning signs? 

It is possible that you could have a damaged tooth and not even know it; however, since the pulp contains nerves, the most common symptom people experience is severe, lingering dental pain. The toothache may also become worse when biting, chewing, or putting any pressure on the tooth. The tooth may also become sensitive when exposed to hot or cold temperatures (e.g. ice-cold water or a hot cup of coffee).

The gums around the tooth may also be red and inflamed. If you notice a bump on the gums that resembles a pimple, this is known as an abscess, which is a clear sign of infection. This requires immediate medical attention from a dental professional.

Concerned? Give us a call

If you are dealing with a problem tooth that may require a root canal, call Smyrna Dental Group today at (615) 355-6800.

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